The science department of DACE equips teacher trainees with knowledge and skills that make them more competent and efficient in teaching science at the basic schools in Ghana and other parts of the world. The Department is made up of three units; the integrated sciences (physics, chemistry and biology), the Agricultural Science and the Physical Education Units.

Integrated Science Unit

The integrated science units run courses that consolidate the content and skills students have acquired from their lessons in integrated science at the senior high school level. It provides basic knowledge and practices in the use of effective methods in the teaching and learning of science. The primary and J.H.S integrated science syllabuses are also studied.

Agricultural Science Unit

Agriculture remains the mainstay of the socio economic development of Ghana and a major source of employment to many Ghanaians. It is therefore imperative that pupils at the upper primary and J.H.S acquire the needed information on agriculture so as to appreciate the contributions of agriculture and also to consider it as a vocation in the future.

 Physical Education Unit

Students are introduced to the foundations of physical education. It includes historical, social and humanitarian bases of organized physical activity.

The science department is considering plans to;

  • introduce pure science courses in the college
  • organize workshops for basic school science teachers
  • research into problems relating to teaching and learning of science disciplines at the various levels of education in Ghana.
  • organize seminars and workshops for faculty members.