The newly admitted students of Dambai College of Education (DACE) for the 2020/2021 academic year were matriculated by the College on 28th January, 2021.

The ceremony, which was meant to officially accept the freshers into the College, started at 3:40 p.m. with an opening prayer from the College Chaplain, Rev. Godwin Gbadagba.

Just after the purpose of the gathering was declared by the College Secretary, Mr. Charles Wumbei, 475 matriculants consisting of 295 males (62%) and 180 females (38%) were presented by the Dean of Students, Mr. Samuel Abotoworo, for matriculation.

Professor Donkor Anthony Kudjo, the Director of Colleges of Education Affiliation Directorate who represented the University for Development Studies (UDS), took the matriculants through the affirmation of the matriculation oath. The Principal, Dr. (Mrs) Benedicta Awusi Atiku, then matriculated the students.

In a short speech, the rep of the matriculants, Hagan Bissa, expressed much gratitude to the College Management on behalf of his mates for admitting them to DACE. According to him, they were in to achieve academic excellence, and they believed the College Management and the Staff would help them achieve the success they craved for.

Speaking on their expectations, the rep stated that they expected DACE to provide them with the best security as well as adequate teaching and learning resources.

On behalf of his mates, he accepted the honour given them to be part of the great DACE community.

Addressing the gathering, the Principal of the College, Dr. (Mrs) Benedicta Awusi Atiku, expressed unqualified gratitude to God for his unflinching support and sustenance of students, staff and other College Stakeholders in this era of COVID-19 pandemic. She asked God to continue to insure and assure the lives of all Ghanaians; especially, members of the DACE Community.

The Principal also thanked all stakeholders for their support, which helped the College to achieve various successes.

According to the Principal, the matriculation ceremony marked the official acceptance of the fresh men and women into the college academic community. She congratulated the students on their success in gaining admission into her famous College, DACE. She implored the students to justify their inclusion by putting on all necessary garments of a tertiary student so that they could partake in decision making, raise their status in terms of knowledge acquisition to enable them make the needed positive impact on society. She commended the students for their level of understanding, comportment, and general conduct demonstrated so far since their arrival at the College.

The Principal further advised the matriculants to partake in all academic and professional activities of the College such as attending all their respective lectures, taking part in all quizzes, assignments and Supported Teaching in Schools (STS).

Briefing the gathering about improvement that had happened recently at the College for better academic engagement, Dr. (Mrs) Atiku singled out the following:


  1. Completion of an IGF dormitory project to accommodate additional numbers of the 1st batch graduates of the Free SHS system. The College, at its former accommodation capacity could not admit more than 250 freshers.
  2. Acquisition of 250 mattresses and 100 bunk beds through GETFund allocation.
  3. Recruitment of additional numbers of staff (39 support services staff from December, 2020 to date)
  4. Transformation in the dining system of the College. The College has implemented a more student-friendly canteen system with 4-hour duration for breakfast (6:00am -10:00am), 2-hour duration for lunch (12: 00pm – 2: 00pm) and 2-hour duration for supper (4:00pm – 6:00pm) respectively to enable students have their individual differences well catered for in terms of lecture schedules and hunger needs. The arrangement was also to avoid congestion during dining as part of COVID-19 protocols observance.
  5. Purchase of new pieces of dining furniture (tables and chairs) for use by students
  6. Installation of WIFI infrastructure. The College benefited from the Government’s nationwide internet infrastructure provision. The College, through a bid won under the then NCTE, T-TEL and MasterCard foundation, put up WLAN installation. Another source of internet infrastructure to students was provided by 2019/2020 Students Representative Council.
  7. Capacity building of all tutors and some other groups of College Staff done in collaboration with various stakeholders such as the mentoring universities (UCC and UDS) to ensure continuous quality teacher education delivery at the College.
  8. Approval of College Policies by the College Governing Council to ensure improved administrative practices at the College.

Concluding her address, Dr. (Mrs) Benedicta Awusi Atiku thanked the Government of Ghana for the unique interventions and supports provided to the College so far (payment of feeding grants, scholarship and allowance packages to students to ease financial burdens of parents, internet facility provided, etc). She expressed her gratitude to the College Council, the Chief of Dambai -Nana Beyennor II, the Staff, SRC and other stakeholders of the College for their continuous support to her administration. She appealed to the Government for completion of ongoing projects at the College with specific reference to the auditorium and administration blocks. She asked for intervention of Government and philanthropists in the provision of a health post and additional dormitory blocks.

Adding his voice to what the Principal had said, the Council Chairman, Professor Ofori-Danson Patrick K., congratulated the freshers on their successful enrolment at the College. He commended the College Management for the systems put in place to provide comfort to the students at the College for their holistic wellbeing. He admonished the students not to be complacent in their studentship at the College but rather work hard to attain academic and professional excellence as the College had a vision of being a centre of excellence in teacher training. Mr Nsiah Emmanuel Yaw, a government appointee on College Council, also advised the students to take their academic work seriously and not skip lectures. He stressed that as students, their security could only be assured if they stayed on campus. He further entreated them to let DACE pass through them and not they passing through DACE.

Advising the students, the representative of the Vice Chancellor of UDS, Prof. Donkor, encouraged the freshers to take their academic work seriously, make good use of the admission opportunity offered to them, take good care of themselves and adhere to the COVID-19 protocol.

To the Tutors, Prof. Donkor said they should not take things for granted because they had reputation to protect. He stressed that, “How you treat your students today will influence your life in the future; therefore, treat your students with respect.” He finally wished both staff and students a successful academic year.

The matriculation ceremony was marked by colourful performances from the College Cultural Troupe and Choir led by the Music Tutor, Mr Agbenyega Philemon Doe, during procession, interludes and recession.

The ceremony ended at 5:10 pm with a closing prayer from Mr. Braimah Seidu, and an official dissolution of the gathering was done by the Council Chairman, Prof. Ofori-Danson Patrick.


Source: DACE ICT Centre


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