• Tutor – Languages Department
  • MPhil (English) – UEW
  • B.Ed (English) – UEW

Teaching Philosophy

As a tutor of language, I believe that the learners are like gardens, and my ability to tend them well will produce the best academic behaviour I expect them to exhibit. As a result, I always ensure that my lessons are a whole journey students need to take and by the time, they arrive at their destination (the lesson), they are fully immersed in whichever topic I take them through.
In the process of teaching, excellence is my core mandate, so, I take my time to treat my learners delicately so that their confidence and potential would not be damaged. This gives every learner the opportunity to realise that they are capable of learning anything they want to learn. As I encourage my learners and support them in their learning, I am always happy to see them showing a commendable interest in the things I teach them and smile at how they blossom in their academic journey.

Area(s) of specialism

  • Advance Grammar

Research  Interest Areas

  • Systemic Functional Linguistics
  • Discourse Analysis, Pragmatic Analysis
  • Literary Studies
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Biblical Studies.