The Dambai College of Education had its 19th Matriculation Ceremony at the College Pavilion on Saturday, 11th March, 2023. In declaring the purpose of the programme, the College Secretary, Mr. Thaddeus Danquah Kokobina, stated that the ceremony was meant to officially receive and induct all fresh men and women into the institution as full junior members of the College Community.



Sections of the Matriculants





Chairman of the College Governing Council, Prof. Patrick K. Ofori-Danson


The Principal of the College, Dr. (Mrs.) Benedicta Awusi Atiku congratulated the fresh students on making it through the admission process to the esteemed Dambai College of Education. She indicated in her speech that matriculation is a ceremony which marks the formal acceptance of students into a tertiary institution. In her speech, the Principal again noted that out of 992 qualified applicants, only 250 of them had the priviledge to be offered admission into the College; they were made up of 97 females and 153 males. She expressed her expectation that the fresh students would imbibe the widely-acknowledged tradition of Godly, academic oriented and excellence leadership that has brought immense recognition to Dambai College of Education both at home and abroad. She further stated the importance of matriculation thus;


· Matriculation removes the barrier between newly admitted students and the institution of admission as those students become officially accepted into the membership of the institution on the day of their matriculation.


· It sets the foundation for reflective reasoning among newly admitted students as they take stock of their academic success of the past, reconsider the current mandate of studentship and map out unique strategies for success on the current programme as means of making new exploits in academia.


· It also paves the way for the new student in getting financial support on a programme of study


The Principal again highlighted that ‘teaching is the noblest profession that sets the tone and particularly changes the world around us through the right knowledge and skill acquisition and positive values for effective professional practice to ensure the growth and development of the world’. She added that in order for the above-mentioned to be achieved, the choice of the right institution is paramount. She therefore congratulated the matriculants once again for choosing Dambai College of Education.



The Principal of the College, Dr. (Mrs.) Benedicta Awusi Atiku


The Principal indicated that DACE has created a very conducive atmosphere for students. She acknowledged the fact that the relationship among staff members, students as well as stakeholders of the institution is very cordial. This gives the College a very welcoming institutional culture. She added that the College continuously keep in focus her vision of training excellent teachers to meet educational demands nationally and internationally, with the mission of producing competent teachers through quality teaching and learning, research and service to Ghanaian and global society.


The Principal maintained that the acronym representing the core values of the institution is DDDRIE which means Discipline, Dedication, Diversity, Research, Integrityand Excellence. She emphasized that Dambai College of Education is noted for her traits of winning awards among management, staff and students. The Principal went ahead and mentioned some remarkable achievements of the College and some individual awards won by staff and students. She indicated that the former SRC President of the College, Master Bunju Meshack has been elevated to the office of President of Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG), Volti Zone. It must be noted that he succeeded Master Jonathan Dzunu as the SRC President of the College. Master Jonathan Dzunu, after serving his tenure as the SRC President, also became the National President of TTAG, which is the highest national student leadership position one could occupy within the College of Education system in Ghana. Again, from Dambai College of Education, Dr. (Mrs.) Benedicta Awusi Atiku and Mr. Samuel Abotoworo were voted as the Principal and the Dean of Students for the year 2022 respectively.


In her closing remarks, Dr. (Mrs.) Benedicta Awusi Atiku congratulated the fresh men and women on their admission and stated that they should consider themselves blessed to have gained admission into Dambai College of Education, the College of Competitive Choice. She advised the fresh students to take up the attitude of a good student and know that success is now in their hands to choose. She also added that students should willingly access offices that are for their well-being such as the Guidance and Counselling Unit, SRC, GESI among others. She further asked the students to make judicious use of the College facilities to enhance their academic progress and performance as they abide by the policies and UDS Junior Members Regulations, they should attend lectures and carry out all their academic and professional assignments. Finally, the Principal advised the students to eschew laziness and develop the habit of hard work in everything they do not forgetting to honour all their financial obligations to the College for the smooth running of programmes.


During the matriculation ceremony, the Vice Principal of the College, Dr. Frank Awuah, led the students to take the Oath of Matriculation. The Dean of Students, Mr. Samuel Abotoworo introduced the matriculants totaling 250 students with areas of specialism as follows: 23 students for B.Ed. Early Grade; 67 students for B.Ed. Primary Education and 160 students for B.Ed J.H.S Education. The official matriculation pronouncement was made by the Principal, Dr. (Mrs.) Benedicta Awusi Atiku.



Vice Principal of the College, Dr. Frank Awuah


The matriculation register was signed by representatives of each specialism, represented by; Adu-Gyemfi Florence and Ibrahim Wasila (B.Ed. Early Grade); Obido Mark Attakumah and Pambi Solomon Nthabe, (B.Ed. Primary Education); Atipa Michael Chawetey and Timular Talonmi Joshua (B.Ed. JHS Education History/Geography); Wajah Ezekiel and Ninguan (B.Ed. JHS Education RME/Music); Nakujah Eva Nada and Atta Samuel (B.Ed. JHS Education English/Ghanaian Languages).  



Signing of the Matriculation Register


In delivering a short speech on behalf of the matriculants regarding expectations of College life, Ms. Bernice Adjei promised that she and her colleagues will do their best to maintain a spirit of discipline, and hard work. By so doing, they will avoid any acts of indiscipline such as alcoholism and drug abuse. Additionally, she promised that their batch will promptly pay their school fees in good time to make the work of College Management easy.


Giving an optional remark, Oti Regional Director of Education (Ghana Education Service), Nana Kugbeadzor-Bakatei II (the Queen Mother of Likpe-Abrani Gudeve) entreated the fresh students to study hard. Using her personal life experience as an example, she made it clear that when enrolled as an undergraduate student at the University of Ghana some years back, she was privileged to deliver a speech on behalf of the matriculants and by dint of hard work, she delivered the valedictorian speech on behalf of her graduating class as the overall best student for the year, 2004. Today, she is the mother of pre-tertiary education in Oti Region and will be happy to receive them as her teachers after their four years of study.


She added that students should not emulate bad character exhibited by their colleagues but identify those who are serious and associate with them; for whomever they associate themselves with, they will soon become.



Oti Regional Director of Education (Ghana Education Service), Nana Kugbeadzor-Bakatei II


The Director for Colleges of Education Affiliation Directorate, University for Development Studies (UDS) Prof. Owusu- Sekyere also congratulated the fresh students, Management, continuing students and tutors of the College on their achievements in relation to the College’s affiliation to the University for Development Studies. He was very happy with the achievements of Dambai College of Education. He stated that DACE has become a shining example among the six Colleges of Education under the mentorship of UDS. According to him, DACE was ranked among the top 10 colleges out of the 46 Colleges of Education in Ghana when the Fidelity of Implementation of the new curriculum research was conducted in the previous year. DACE also took the first position in a GESI competition which was organized for the six Colleges of Education under the mentorship of UDS. Prof. Owusu-Sekyere finally challenged the fresh students to study hard so they could get to higher heights like where some of them find themselves today.



The Director for Colleges of Education Affiliation Directorate, University for Development Studies (UDS) Prof. Owusu- Sekyere


The current SRC Executive, led by Master Mohammed Dengyimah (SRC Secretary), presented awards to some hardworking members of staff and College Managemet. The awardees were: Dr. Frank Awuah (Vice Principal) and Mr. Samuel Abotoworo (Dean of Students). The awardees were very appreciative of the kind gesture extended to them after a similar gesture was shown to the Principal of the College during the previous year’s matriculation ceremony.


 The Assembly was finally dissolved by Prof. Patrick K. Ofori-Danson, (Chairman of the College Council). This brought the 19th matriculation programme to a successful end. The programme ended with a colourful recession led by the College Choir.

SOURCE: DACE Editorial Board.


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