Two year groups, the 1997 and the 1999 batches of Alumni of Dambai College of Education had donated various items to the College. The 1997 batch donated 150 bags of cement to the College while the 1999 batch donated two giant polytanks of 600 litres each to the College. The two groups of Alumni showed the kind gesture when they visited the College on Saturday, October 22, 2022 for commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the 1997 batch. A short ceremony was also organised after the tour for the Alumni to interact with both staff and students of the College in the commemorative event. Recounting the success story of the College at the ceremony, the Principal of the College, Dr. Mrs. Benedicta Awusi Atiku indicated that both students and staff of College had chalked many successes in recent times. For instance, in the recent national elections organised by the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG), DACE’s Former SRC President, Mr. Jonathan Dzunu was elected the National President of the Association. She added that some staff of the College are also members of the various teams responsible for the writing of national curriculum manuals. In addition, eight tutors had been promoted to Senior Tutor rank. According to the Principal, the staff strength had also been increased from 57 to 124. She further stated that three blocks had been put up by the College from Internally Generated Fund (IGF). Dr. Mrs. Atiku expressed gratitude to the two year groups for their visit to the College.

Speaking on behalf of the 1997 batch of Alumni, Mr. Patrick Quabla Agbolosu remarked that it was refreshing to be at the College at the time. According to him, the popular advice from the then Principal to them as students at the time, was that, “when you leave the College, you must be good teachers of DATCO.” The rep of the 1997 batch further explained that they could not tell their story without mentioning ‘DATCO’. He therefore admonished the current crop of students not to just pass through the College but also allow the College to pass through them. According to him, ‘DATCO’ used to be the last resort for many applicants who tried other Colleges but failed to gain admission into those colleges, for the popular comment to them by many was, “Can you try DATCO?” But he was happy that story has changed now, and the current state of the main entrance to the campus for instance, is evidence enough to this assertion.

Mr. Patrick Quabla Agbolosu further admonished the current crop of students by saying that by the time they leave the fore walls of the College, they must be well baked academically and morally. He added that they should learn hard so that they can propagate a good story about the College. In presenting the 150 bags of cement to the College on behalf the 1997 year group, Mr. Patrick Quabla Agbolosu stated that the items form part of their gratitude to the College. He therefore encouraged the current crop of students to emulate the same gesture.

Adding his voice to that of Mr. Patrick Quabla Agbolosu, the former SRC Vice President, Mr. Joy Pesewutse Adipa advised the student teachers of the College to embrace technology because times have changed. He explained that they should have a vision and pursue it because that is the only way they can be change makers at wherever they find themselves. The former SRC Vice President ended his remarks with the following words: “No pupil should stay in your class for one year without being able to read; you are a failure if a pupil in your class is unable to read after one year. So, make impacts on the communities in which you will find yourselves.”

The eldest of the 1997 Alumni present, Mr. Kofi Adanu also advised the student teachers with the following words: “You have a choice to make whether to change the society or the society will change you. You also have a choice to make whether to remain at where you are or climb the academic ladder.” He therefore encouraged the student teachers to make good choices in life.

Speaking on behalf of the 1999 batch of Alumni, Mr. David Affram explained that any plant which forgets its roots would struggle for survival. Therefore, he was also delegated by the 1999 year group to present some items to the College as a way of showing their appreciation to their alma mater. He presented two giant polytanks of 600 litres each to the College on behalf of the 1999 batch.

Receiving the items on behalf of the College, the Principal was grateful to the old students and expressed her gratitude to the 1997 and 1999 year groups for their kind gesture towards their alma mater. She indicated that the cement would be put to good use; it would facilitate the on-going works on the new block being put up at the ladies’ dormitory. She added that the polytanks could not have come at any other time, because she had seen the urgency with which the College needed to store water for use by the College community. The Principal therefore promised that proper stands would be erected and the polytanks placed on them for storage of potable water for use by the College. At that juncture, the Principal asked the College Chaplain, Rev. Godwin Gbadagba to offer a special prayer for the 1997 and 1999 year groups.

Addressing the gathering, the former Member of Parliament for Krachi East Constituency, Hon. Michael Yaw Gyato who is also an alumnus remarked that his batch, the 1994 year group would also retaliate the good gestures from the 1997 and 1999 year groups. He emphasised that he would personally lead the campaign to retaliate. He ended his address by encouraging the student teachers to link up while in school because one person can bring the rest along. 

In her closing remarks, the Principal, Dr. Mrs. Benedicta Awusi Atiku said, “All we need to say is thank you, Lord.” She explained that without God, nobody has that love to demonstrate towards another. Dr. Mrs. Atiku therefore rendered her sincerest gratitude to God Almighty. She also expressed gratitude to the two year groups for putting laughter on the lips of members of the college community when it was least expected. The Principal finally entreated the students to use the pieces of advice offered to them by the Alumni. On behalf of the College, she promised that the College would never take the Alumni’s show of love for granted. 

Source: DACE Editorial Board

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