Dambai College of Education (DACE) has officially reopened for the commencement of the first semester of the 2021/2022 academic year. At a reopening ceremony organised for both staff and students at the College’s pavilion on 18th January, 2022, the Principal of the College, Dr. (Mrs.) Benedicta Awusi Atiku on behalf of the College Management, formerly welcomed all members of the College Community back to school.

As part of the reopening ceremony, the Principal introduced newly recruited staff to both staff and students. In her welcome address, Dr. (Mrs.) Benedicta Awusi Atiku first of all acknowledged the support and commitment of the staff towards the success of the previous academic year. She further enumerated some of the successes chalked during the previous year which were mostly provided through the judicious use of IGF (Internally Generated Fund). Among these achievements were the renovation of staff accommodation; procurement of furniture for both staff and students; canteen system for students to replace the traditional dining system; internet package for the ICT Unit and the College Community among others.

The Principal also introduced the former SRC president of the College, Master Jonathan Dzunu to the student body and congratulated him on his election as the newly-elected national president of Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG). The Principal also praised him for being a good steward to his colleagues and the College. Master Jonathan Dzunu was described by the Principal as a selfless president and one who holds high the interest of the College. The Principal added that the highest amount of money ever requested by Master Jonathan Dzunu was for travelling to Accra for an official purpose which was GH. 300.00. A number of projects were also enumerated as that which were initiated in his tenure of office. These projects include the school clinic, furniture and internet package for the student body.

Again, the newly-elected SRC executives were introduced to the gathering and tutors who were assigned new portfolios were also introduced. Such portfolios include Sandwich Coordinators, Academic Counsellors, Hall Tutors, and Guidance and Counselling Coordinator. Both the student leaders and the newly assigned tutors were made to swear an oath of office.

In her closing remarks, the Principal of the College, Dr. (Mrs.) Benedicta Awusi Atiku urged both students and staff to work hard towards the common goal of the College. 

SOURCE: DACE Editorial Board

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