The Zonal Executive Committee of Colleges of Education Non-Teaching Staff Association of Ghana for the Volta-Oti Regions (CENTSAG VOLTA-OTI) held a meeting with members of the Local Union at Dambai College of Education in Oti Region of Ghana on Wednesday, 23rd February, 2022.

The meeting was aimed at familiarizing the Zonal Executive Committee with members of CENTSAG – DACE Local.  It was also meant to give more insight to members on the Schemes and Conditions of Service for CENTSAG members. The meeting further provided a platform for picking-up pending issues to be addressed by the Zonal EXECO, National EXECO and PRINCOF Zonal as well as creating a database for members in the Zone.

After delivering a brief welcome address, the Chairperson of CENTSAG ─ DACE Local, Mrs. Janet Mamle Mamadu introduced the Local Executive and the Zonal Executive to the House and asked the rest of the members to introduce themselves.

Mr. Daniel Kporfor, the Chairman for Volta-Oti Zone of CENTSAG briefed the House on their purpose of coming to DACE. He explained that it is important for the union members to know their conditions of service in the College; that is, things they are entitled for and things they are not entitled for. Secondly, members ought to know the purpose of the Union and the achievement chalked by the Union so far.

Responding to a question during the question-and-answer session, the Zonal Chairman explained that there are placement variations of CENTSAG members in the various Colleges of Education due to diverse behaviour patterns and attitudes towards work. He therefore advised members to put up the best of behaviour and attitude towards work.

Contributing to the discussion, the Finance Officer of DACE, Mr. Fusese Sampson explained that certificates, work experiences and personal conducts play key roles in the promotion of every worker in the College. The Finance Officer also grabbed the opportunity to expertly explicate all other issues relating to conditions of service.

Mr. Kennedy Amankwah from the Security Unit also made a submission about the benefits being enjoyed by Security Officers in the Technical University. He advised the CENTSAG National Executives to put in maximum effort to work on the allowances for Security Officers in Colleges of Education. 

Reacting to his submission, the Zonal Chairman, Mr. Daniel Kporfor said they would find out about the type of allowances being enjoyed by Security Officers in the Technical University and subject them to further discussion. He added that non- academic staff is made up of various units, so their allowances also vary. The Zonal Chairman also assured the House that the strike was not called off but only suspended due to the ongoing negotiations with the employer.

In her closing remarks, the Local Chairperson, Mrs. Janet Mamle Mamadu advised members to love one another and promote unity at the workplace, because it is only through mutual respect, love and unity that members can achieve a common goal. She further entreated both leaders and members of the Union to cooperate with one another for the Union to progress. She concluded by stating that members who have any issues should channel them through the appropriate quarters for them to be resolved amicably.

SOURCE: DACE Editorial Board

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