The Management of Dambai College of Education has organised a two-day capacity-building workshop for its Academic and Non-Academic Staff.

The workshop, which took place in the Conference Hall of the College, was held from 17th to 18th February, 2020.

The objective of the workshop was primarily to build the capacity of the Staff so they could be able to meet the high standard of tertiary education institutions in the issue of Staff Promotions, under the current dispensation of the transitional arrangements of Colleges of Education.

The Principal of the College, Mrs. Benedicta Awusi Atiku, indicated in her welcome address that the workshop was being organised to equip the Staff with the unique features of the CoE Act (Act 847), Harmonised Scheme of Service, the Conditions of Service of Colleges of Education and Gaining Promotion in the CoE.  It was also to make staff abreast of the functions of Administrative Committees in the Colleges of Education and Payroll related issues pertaining to the welfare of Staff. She further intimated that the workshop was meant to serve as a platform for participants  to understand the specific roles and responsibilities of each member of Staff in alignment with various standards and guidelines set out in the Statues of Colleges of Education.

In an interactive session with participants, the Coordinator of Colleges of Education at NCTE, Mr. Jerry Sarfo , who was the lead facilitator stated that, “the workshop is to share ideas and learn from each other on the procedures and guidelines on the day to day management of the College”. He encouraged participants to feel free and take active part in all the sessions.

On Staff Development and Promotions, the Coordinator of Colleges of Education, took the Staff through the procedures one has to follow to apply for promotions. On this topic he indicated that it has been observed that often most Staff publish in predatory or open access and online journals which are not accepted.

It also came to light that, for now, course books, lecture notes, handouts and modules are not considered as publication for promotion in Colleges of Education.

Another area the workshop  dealt with was Financial Clearance and Payroll issues. The Head of Payroll at NCTE, Mr. Nicholas Ameyaw, led this presentation. He took participants through the application process and other considerations involved in getting a financial clearance for recruitment in Colleges of Education.

Mr. Ameyaw took participants through the input forms and other supporting documents required for upgrading, promotions and other financial claims. He dealt extensively with the role of payroll and the various processes in the payroll systems. Issues of retirement, allowances, and reinstatement were all addressed at this session.

To achieve the ultimate goal of sustaining the new knowledge gained, Mr. Jerry Sarfo in his closing remarks advised the staff to adopt the spirit of teamwork to collaborate and magnify their efforts in building the College.

The Vice Principal, Mr. Frank Awuah was the moderator of the workshop.

In her closing remarks, Mrs. Benedicta Atiku, Principal of the College congratulated all participants (Staff) on their contributions and commitment in making the workshop a success. She also thanked the NCTE for the honour of the College’s invitation and the expert delivery in ensuring effective facilitation throughout the sessions of the workshop.

In all, it was a moment of joy as Staff saw the workshop classic in contributing to their individual Staff welfare and the College as a whole.

Source: DACE ICT Centre

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